Museums Near You

by The Exhibition List

Bruce Castle Museum, London, England

We are supremely excited to announce our brand spanking NEW WEBSITE where you can log in and post your experiences. Not only that but we are working with the immensely talented Owen Davey over at The Story Times to deliver a new way of looking at museums, through the medium of video.… Continue Reading

National Maritime Museum and The Queen’s House, Greenwich, London, England


My university course recently took me to the National Maritime Museum & The Queen’s House in Greenwich where we had to create a trail through the sites. It was a lot more challenging than I’d anticipated as there are so many hidden stories.… Continue Reading

Historypin, Your Armchair, The World

About a year ago I came across this fascinating site Historypin, it’s a place where you can browse and add historic photographs to the geographic location they were taken. But it’s much more than that…

People from all over the world are coming together both online and offline to share their memories and create a global historical archive. Image taken from here.… Continue Reading

Tombstone, Arizona, USA

If you’ve never heard of Tombstone then I suggest you catch up…

I’ve been watching westerns since I was knee high to a grasshopper, when I was 10 they released a film of the same name about Wyatt Earp and his befuddled retirement plans.… Continue Reading

Forbidden City, Beijing, China

It was several years since I was in Beijing, but the Forbidden City is not a place you forget in a hurry. The scale and beauty of the place is over-awing and since 1925 peasants like myself have been permitted entry.… Continue Reading

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