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The Maritime Experiential Museum, Sentosa, Singapore

Thank you to Random Little Musings for this delightful adventure round the Maritime Experiential Museum in Singapore…

The Maritime Experiential Museum is another attraction of Sentosa where there are shows and displays that you can enjoy such as the main goods and products of different countries.… Continue Reading

Jimi Hendrix Memorial, Greenwood Cemetery, Seattle, USA

Let’s head out with Deano to pay our respects to one of rocks greats, Jimi Hendrix…

Born James Marshall Hendrix in Seattle on November 27th, 1942, he went on to play guitar down south, onto New York, then London and Europe with The Jimi Hendrix Experience.… Continue Reading

Tombstone, Arizona, USA

If you’ve never heard of Tombstone then I suggest you catch up…

I’ve been watching westerns since I was knee high to a grasshopper, when I was 10 they released a film of the same name about Wyatt Earp and his befuddled retirement plans.… Continue Reading

Kids in Museums – Takeover Day 2012, Great Britain

Next week will see children throughout the UK involved in Takeover Day, where they will literally take over various roles in museums and make them their own. This exciting event is a part of the Kids In Museums campaign focused on making museums, galleries and heritage sites more open and inclusive for children and families.… Continue Reading

Brighton Toy and Model Museum, Brighton, England

Over to the budding journalist Tom Robinson for todays trip down memory lane at the Brighton Toy and Model Museum. You can sponsor him for MOvember HERE

Enter one of the four early Victorian arches under the station and see over ten thousand toys and models, including priceless model train collections. Established in 1991, Brighton Toy and Model Museum showcases collections from the last 100 years, including delights made by the world’s top toy makers.… Continue Reading

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