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The First Cut exhibition, Manchester Art Gallery, England

The exceptional Professor Macaulay takes us round the First Cut exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery…

I was moved to write about this exhibition because it represents a point in history when it appears to be OKAY to cut up books.… Continue Reading

The Maritime Experiential Museum, Sentosa, Singapore

Thank you to Random Little Musings for this delightful adventure round the Maritime Experiential Museum in Singapore…

The Maritime Experiential Museum is another attraction of Sentosa where there are shows and displays that you can enjoy such as the main goods and products of different countries.… Continue Reading

National Maritime Museum and The Queen’s House, Greenwich, London, England


My university course recently took me to the National Maritime Museum & The Queen’s House in Greenwich where we had to create a trail through the sites. It was a lot more challenging than I’d anticipated as there are so many hidden stories.… Continue Reading

Dimitrie Leonida National Technical Museum, Bucharest, Romania

Thank you to Costin Irimia for this image rich tour of the Dimitrie Leonida National Technical Museum, which was built in 1906 and is historically, the first interactive instructional Technical Museum in the world.

I recently visited the Museum of Technique in Bucharest.… Continue Reading

Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle, Geneva, Switzerland

The Mad Cavalier blog provides a wonderful insight into poetry of paleontology and two very different trips to the Natural History Museum in Geneva. Start the New Year with the history of YOU…

Where are you sitting right now? Strip away the building.… Continue Reading

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