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The First Cut exhibition, Manchester Art Gallery, England

The exceptional Professor Macaulay takes us round the First Cut exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery…

I was moved to write about this exhibition because it represents a point in history when it appears to be OKAY to cut up books.… Continue Reading

Emirates National Auto Museum, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Thanks to Julie at Snips n Snaps for this pictorial jaunt around the UAE Auto Museum


I’ve been going through a rough patch at work and with my health lately (yes, yes, I know…they are most probably related), so I haven’t been out and about discovering the country as much as I would have liked to, but when Pete mentioned visiting the Car Museum that was only 45 minutes away, I figured, “I can handle that!”.… Continue Reading

Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

Today’s pictorial excursion to Musee du Louvre in Paris is courtesy of our young friend over at Times of Adventure. This one of the places I’m dying to see…

Starting today, I have a 2 week vacation from school. Fuck yes. So, because none of us kids had school, Me and my host siblings took a trip into Paris to visit the Louvre. I took about 100,000 pictures, so it was very difficult to narrow it down.… Continue Reading

Robben Island Museum, Cape Town, South Africa

Today we hear and interesting perspective on Robben Island Museum in South Africa from Hermits Door.We awoke to dawn in Cape Town, watching the pink wisps of clouds signal the rising sun on the skyline of Table Mountain.  After many nights of rain on the eastern side of the country, we were ready for a sunny day in Cape Town.  We had reserved seats on the first ferry to Robbin Island, which was fortunate.  With today’s weather, the ferries to the island would be full with those wanting to tour the former prison 12 km off shore from Cape Town.… Continue Reading

Uganda Museum, Kampala, Uganda

Today we take our first enthralling trip to Africa with Gane of Thrones fan House Luigi 

One of the last things I did while in Uganda was visit the Uganda Museum in Kampala. I originally didn’t plan on stopping by since my guide book talked fairly disparagingly of it.… Continue Reading

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