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Jimi Hendrix Memorial, Greenwood Cemetery, Seattle, USA

Let’s head out with Deano to pay our respects to one of rocks greats, Jimi Hendrix…

Born James Marshall Hendrix in Seattle on November 27th, 1942, he went on to play guitar down south, onto New York, then London and Europe with The Jimi Hendrix Experience.… Continue Reading

Aya Sofya, Istanbul, Turkey

Today we’re taken on an awe inspiring trip through Aya Sofya with Karen at the Turkish Delight blog.

Ok.  I’m finally going to take it on. Aya Sofya (Turkish).  Or Hagia Sophia (Greek). (Both pronounced “EYE-uh sof -EE- uh”, meaning holy wisdom)  It’s got to be one of the most famous buildings in the world.  And it’s been in my top five of places to visit for years.  I still reel a little bit when I remember that I actually went there.  It’s so influential, and huge, and beautiful, and old.  And intact.  That’s probably the most amazing thing.  It was completed in 537 under the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, and it more or less stands as it did then.… Continue Reading

National Maritime Museum and The Queen’s House, Greenwich, London, England


My university course recently took me to the National Maritime Museum & The Queen’s House in Greenwich where we had to create a trail through the sites. It was a lot more challenging than I’d anticipated as there are so many hidden stories.… Continue Reading

Ned Kelly Memorial Museum, Glenrowan, Victoria, Australia

Join us as we take to LIFE ON THE ROAD with Richard Tulloch’s journey through Ned Kelly country to Glenrowan, Australia.

We decided to take a few days to make a touristy road trip of our drive back from Melbourne to Sydney, stopping off at the attractions in towns along the way.… Continue Reading

National Museum of Art, Bucharest, Romania

Thanks goes to AZZURYTT for today’s post on the National Museum of Art in Bucharest.

With a short but impressive past, the Winter Royal Palace continues to captivate the visitors inclusively with its exhibitions, collections and treasure.

Throughout May 2013 the temporary highlights of the heritage works on display include 32 fragments of frescoes from Curtea de Arges Monastery (nearly half of millennium old); the silver shrine reproducing the church architecture; the caftan of Neagoe Basarab; and exhibited for the first time ever, 47 Oriental theme drawings, graphic works and watercolors created by the father of the modern Romanian watercolor, Carol Popp de Szathmari. The special scenography includes a film projection of the restoration process and a touch screen allowing access to sketches made in 1860 at Curtea de Arges by the painter Gheorghe Tattarescu
The Throne Hall

View from the highest floor of the museum over the Revolution Square (also lately known asEnescu Square, every odd year some of the concerts during the International George Enescu Festival being held here)

Location: 49-53 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, Romania

Entry Fee: 8 LEI, 1.8 Euro

For more information you can follow

 … Continue Reading

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